All information provided by Safehaven Debt Services and its employees is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice.

Under no circumstances will Safe Haven Debt Services offer
financial or legal advice, nor does it accept payment for financial or legal advice.

Safehaven Debt services does not engage in financial counseling, financial product advice, or asset restructuring.

Our service fee is charged for the preparation of the Statement of Affairs
and Debtors Petition.

Safe Haven Debt Services offers no guarantee as to the outcome of proceedings. It is your
obligation to seek legal or financial advice from a professional where necessary.

If you believe bankruptcy will affect your employment, we suggest you contact your relevant industry professional or licensing body for more information.

The consequences of bankruptcy can be serious, and must be considered before any decision is made. A full list of consequences is readily available at www.afsa.gov.au, and we strongly suggest you contact the Australian Financial Security Authority if you have further queries.